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Barrel Rejuvenation - We have recently designed and fitted, in conjunction with Schoolhill Engineering, our own De-Char and Re-Char plant. This option is becoming more popular with distilling companies as the cost of replacement casks becomes more expensive.

The useful life of a cask is considered to be around 4 fillings. After the fourth, the cask was cut for firewood or garden tubs. The process of de-char and re-char brings the cask back to life thus extending the useful life of the cask.

Other Services

Repair of Butts, Hogsheads and Barrels.
Removal and replacing of any broken staves or ends.
Tested and "passed fit" for filling.
Painting if required.
Sourcing of bourbon barrels from America. Selects or distillery run.
Remade hogsheads from shooks or bourbon barrels, with new heads and hoops.
New wine casks from American White Oak.
We supply and ship all around the world. Export enquiries welcome.

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