Cask Charring

Operating in Glasgow for over 50 years

The Cask Charring Process

The life-cycle of the cask can be further extended by using de-charring and re-charring techniques. Camlachie can offer a full wood rejuvenation package – this is where our expertise lies.

The De-char process involves the removal of the old char to expose fresh wood. The technique we use to remove the old char and impurities is a wire brush rotating at high speed.

The bespoke machine applies constant pressure on the barrel surface to give a uniform finish throughout.

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After de-charring to expose the new wood, “re-charring” or refiring the inside of the cask re-carbonises its surface and allows the spirit to access a much higher level of extractives during maturation than would have been previously available.

This allows the cask to be filled 2-3 times before the cask would be exhausted.

Camlachie has the added benefit of having two purpose-built re-charring machines and these can handle all sizes of cask from bourbon barrels to Butts and Puncheons.

We can cater to all toasting or charring requirements as we understand how different levels of char can have an impact on the all-important flavour of the finished product.


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