Glasgow Cooperage since 1961

Camlachie Cooperage is based in Glasgow’s East End and has a rich history in supporting
Scotland’s finest export, Scotch Whisky during our 60 years of trading.

Operating in Glasgow for over 50 years


Camlachie Cooperage was established by Jim Reilly Snr in 1961 in Glasgow’s east end. The cooperage was originally situated in Janefield Street, Parkhead.

Camlachie continues to service the whisky industry to date.  Each year we supply and repair over 100,000 casks which go on to be used by whisky distilleries throughout Scotland and the rest of the world.

experts in de-charring and re-charring


The life-cycle of the cask can be further extended by using de-charring and re-charring techniques. Camlachie can offer a full wood rejuvenation package – this is where our expertise lies.